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Guess which motherboard this is :) #AORUS2814
Not a bad view, huh? | #AORUS | See more:
Really want to know WHEN will Cyberpunk 2077 and The Elder Scrolls 6 come out? 🧐12628
I don't know what to do with all this wealth... 😂

What's the last steam game you bought?

Wow! 😎 #AORUS1116
The performance difference, especially compared to my 13-inch MacBook Pro’s integrated graphics was night and day.

Available at Amazon:
Join Kate and Van on our first livestream of AORUS TV!

We're also very excited to announce some great giveaway prizes! Here's how you can enter:
- Share this stream
- Enter here:
AORUS was live.
Show your battlestations in the comments below! #AORUS13476
Nothing to see here... just a huge wall of #AORUS motherboards.10616
【COMPUTEX 2018 Online Event Winner Announcement】
Thank you for all the support and participation.
Congratulation to all of the winners! 👏
Please PM us with your delivery info and wait patiently.
The prizes will send out very soon.
(The winners ...
There are a TON of #AORUS goodies on this shelf!335
What games are you looking forward to at E3 2018?😆

Performance. Power. Portability.

More at:
What do you think about our upcoming #AORUS RGB RAM kit?
AORUS is with Disnaka Priyadarshana Madola and 10 others.
Is this the ULTIMATE desk battlestation? Watch the entire build video!
A little while back I built this desk out of a Live edge walnut slab, over the last few months I have been converting into the ULTIMATE desk PC. ...
Here is the upcoming #AORUS 16GB DDR4 kit with 2 RGB lighting modules. Keep your eyes open - these will be available soon!959
Here is a FIRST LOOK at a prototype of our flagship AMD board: the X399 #AORUS Xtreme.9518
ANTHEM looks so good 🤩

Come watch Paul's Hardware as he checks out all the new technology on display at our booth during #Computex 2018!
Just A 28-Core 56-Thread CPU at 5GHz... Intel might have taken issue with the success of Threadripper - they've promised ...
Task Manager IRL 🤣🤣🤣

That Multi-Thread Support

[COMPUTEX 2018] Crack the code! Final Session 🔥🔥🔥

Grand Prize: 1 Set of AORUS H370 AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi

Game rules:
1. Comment your guess of the code (only 5 numbers, do not include letters)
2. A user can submit ...
How long does it take to build an ENTIRE #AORUS gaming PC? Come watch Bitwit as he does a SPEED BUILD during #Computex 2018.
Special thanks to my sponsors for making our event coverage possible. Check out their products here: ...
Find out why Tweak Town gave the B360 AORUS GAMING 3 WIFI their Must Have Best Value Award here -
Introducing our new flagship gaming mouse: the #AORUS M5. Coming soon.446
Come to see our booth in Taipei TWTC!

Let's take a look at our other gaming corner in TWTC! We have a lot of different products from Servers, Brix, Laptops, Desktop, Gaming Box and many more! Come check it out!

Find out why Tweak Town gave the Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 their Best Quality Award here -
AORUS updated their cover photo.555
[COMPUTEX 2018] Crack the code! Session 4 🔥🔥🔥

Today's Prizes: 2 Sets of AORUS K7 Gaming Keyboard

Game rules:
1. Comment your guess of the code (only 5 numbers, do not include letters)
2. A user can submit as many ...
The heart of our battlestation. #AORUS293
Are you ready for the complete #AORUS ecosystem? We pretty much make everything that powers a gaming PC!8913
Have a sneak peak at our new AORUS branded power supply!

#aorus #gigabyte #aoruscomputex18
Notice that our #AORUS 16GB RAM kit comes with 2 additional RGB modules! This allows you to fill up all 4 DIMM slots.12525
Did you play the closed beta test of The Crew 2?
Beautiful weather effects and gorgeous cars make the game look so real.

Here's a PC complete with all new #AORUS RAM and Intel Core i7-8086K CPU! Stay tuned for more views from #Computex 2018.10815
Check out our COMPUTEX VIP Showroom here in Taipei 101!
We have a whole section just for gamers in mind, our gaming corner, providing all the necessary things a gamer needs when they are on the grind!
AORUS added 48 ...
[COMPUTEX 2018] Crack the code! Session 3 🔥🔥🔥

Today's Prizes: 3 Sets of AORUS M3 Gaming Mouse & AMP500 mouse pad

Game rules:
1. Comment your guess of the code (only 4 numbers, do not include letters)
2. A user ...
We had an awesome time hanging out with everyone at the OC Night Market!

Great Food. Great People. Great Event.


Looking forward to the next one!

#AORUS #OCNightMarket
Come take a look at our new design AORUS #M5 gaming mouse!

#AORUS RAM is on the way!
AORUS added 2 new photos.
😎 #AORUS RGB RAM coming soon!17338
[COMPUTEX 2018] Crack the code! Session 2 🔥🔥

Today's Prizes: 5 Sets of AORUS T-Shirt & Sport towel

Game rules:
1. Comment your guess of the code (only 4 numbers, do not include letters)
2. A user can submit as ...
Can't wait to show you more...Check out AORUS RGB RAM ! 😉

We have some BIG announcements at Computex 2018! Here's a first look at our upcoming RAM. | #AORUS |
AORUS added 2 new photos.
See our RGB RAM in action! Stay tuned for more coverage of Computex 2018.6814
[COMPUTEX 2018] Crack the code!

Today's Prizes: 5 Sets of $20 Steam Code

Game Rules:
1) Comment your guess of the code (only 4 numbers, do not include letters)
2. A user can submit as many as they wish
3. ...
Hello #AORUS RAM :)20529
The Ultimate Package | #AORUS | www.aorus.com757
We had a blast attending FanimeCon 2018! This was our first time at the show but you can bet we'll be coming back in the future.

In the meantime, check out the views!
[2018 COMPUTEX] AORUS Gaming Trivia ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡

Congratulate for reaching the final stage!
Today's prize is AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition!
You must know the answer 😏
Play now🤳

#aorus #gigabyte
Light the way! | #AORUS | www.aorus.com652

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